Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Wizard of Oz Finds

Happy 71st Anniversary!

Wow, 71 years.. My gran isn't even 71 so thats quite astonishing!

Here are some cool oz related bits and bobs from Etsy and maybe some crafty/party ideas for the future.
Ruzer's etsy shop with lovely party favours, cupcake toppers and even banners. Cute images with customisable text. Also there are loads of other designs for fun kids parties!

Featured Item: Cupcake Toppers
Ruzer609's Shop

Wicked Witch of the West tags. Which reminds me, We saw the musical 'Wicked' last year and it was brilliant! But anyhoo.. Very easy to make yourself to add a bit of mischief to an Oz party. These would even be great for Halloween!

Featured Item: Wicked Tags
FreshLemonBlossom's Shop

How adorable is this Dorothy doll with her little Toto puppy!

This item is actually the design so you can create your own Dorothy so for the unskilled like me, you may also be looking up how to knit / crochet / be amazing and actually make something like this!

Featured Item: Dorothy and Toto Knit Pattern
HandMadeAward's Shop

There's something about having little signs with cute, meaningful and more often witty quotes on. Make sure to check out the shop and I'm definately going to be making some 'Man Cave' signs for Benji!

Featured Item: I Have Flying Monkeys Sign
FromMyHeartPrim's Shop

What better way to store your pins than in a red ruby slipper. Admittedly the tin doll is quite creepy though! This would be a cute addition to a craft desk and you could of course DIY it with any type of shoe and decorate! This shop has lots of refurbished items and I love the fact that all their items are recycled :)

Featured Item: Ruby Slipper Pincushion
HappyBDayToMe's Shop

Well it says it on the picture 'A charming way to identify your glass in a crowd'. Oz themed wine charms with little silver charms of different images.

Featured Item: Oz Wine Charms
PChum's Shop

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