Monday, 23 August 2010

DIY Jewelled Planters

single jeweled white planter


Inexpensive terra cotta planter(s)
Outdoor spray paint
Glass marbles (with flat side) from craft store
Silicone rubber sealant or epoxy glue from hardware store.


- Spray paint your terra cotta planters with some outdoor spray paint and allow to dry.  I use a beautiful shade of cream by Rustoleum called ‘Heirloom White’.

- Attach your glass marbles with silicone rubber sealant.  This product is waterproof and will withstand outdoor abuse.

If you want to plant flowers inside your planter, you cannot use hot glue to adhere your glass marbles.  The marbles will fall off due to moisture. You can use silicone rubber sealant or Epoxy glue would also work just as well.  This takes about 24 hours to cure, but after that, your ‘jewels’ will stay on regardless of moisture.

Now if you’re not going to plant your blooms directly into the pot, and you are simply using the pot as a decorative cachepot, then you can use hot glue, and the glass marbles will stick very well.  But just remember to water your plant away from your jeweled planter, and don’t get it wet !

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