Thursday, 10 February 2011

Tissue Paper Rosette Topiary

"Finally!" I hear you cry.. Some Valentines crafts! Yippee!

For some reason I'm super excited about V-Day this year even though we don't really have anything planned nor the money to really do much. I have the day off so will be really nice to laze about with Ben for a wholeee day! Just us :)

Anyway, super cute craft; numero uno!


- 5" foam ball

- 1 roll of crepe paper
- A fun vase or bowl for the base
- Foam square (to fit above)
- A 12" dowel for the topiary stick
- Moss to top the base
- Ribbon
- Glue gun

Total Cost: Around £8.00 / $13.00
First make the rosettes for the topiary ball. If you have any problems, there are plenty of tutorials on youtube.

You start with 24" piece of paper.  

Crumple it up to give it some texture.  Then fold down the top 1/3.  

Start on one side and make small rolls. Once you have a few rolls you are going to fold (or twist) the paper from top to bottom.  

Then continue to roll.  Once the twist is out fold down the top again.  Finish rolling and folding down until paper runs out and the rosette will look like this.  

Then you hot glue it to the foam ball.  Continue this until you have covered the ball with rosettes.  This is pretty time consuming. 

Once the ball is finished you can make the topiary.  Push the foam square into the base.

The next step is inserting the dowel.  The dowel used was 12" long and spray painted white.

Take out the dowel and put some hot glue in the hole and then reinsert the dowel.  Hot glue around the dowel.  

Next is the topiary ball.  Find the center and insert the dowel.  Remove the dowel and add some hot glue. Then replace the ball on the dowel.  

Top the base with moss with hot glue to hide the foam.  

You can add a cute Valentine's Day ribbon to give it a little extra Oomph!


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