Thursday, 10 February 2011

Felt Sushi Platter

Stuck on what to have for dinner?


Tonight, how about a handmade Felt "Sushi Platter"? There are Nori Rolls with Avocado and Carrots some are even topped with Roe! Also being served is Nigiri, Toro, Seaweed, Edamame, and Ginger.


- Wool Felt in White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green and Burgundy

- Embroidery Floss in Black, White, Orange and Green
- Stuffing
- Seed Beads in Black and Red
- Glue
- Sushi Pattern printable Here.



Cut out pattern for the Sushi Roll Rice from white felt, The Seaweed pattern from black felt, Carrot from orange felt and the Avocado from green felt.
Trim the edges of the "rice" with pinking sheers as to make a bumpy edge.

Roll the carrot piece and the avocado piece. Hold them together and roll the rice around them both. Make sure to keep the roll tight. Finally roll the Seaweed strip around the rice.

Secure the seaweed with a pin to ensure a tight roll while you stitch the side of the seaweed with black embroidery floss.

Optional: If you want to embellish your Sushi Roll with Roe; Apply your clear drying glue to the top of your roll and place the seed beads on top!


Cut out the edamame pattern using the green felt.
Sew along the edges of the edamame using the blanket stitch.


Cut out the white felt from the nigiri pattern.
Hand stitch the short ends of the Nigiri Side together, RIGHT sides together with 1'4" seam allowance.

Turn the right side out

Attach to the top of the ring. Blanket stitch all of the way around. Repeat on the top, leaving an opening to fill with stuffing.
Fill with stuffing and sew close.
Cut out the shrimp in orange felt and sew onto the Nigiri base.


Cut the TORO pattern from the yellow felt
Cut the Seaweed for the Toro out of black felt
Using the blanket stitch sew the edges leaving an opening for the stuffing.

Fill with stuffing and close the seam.

Wrap the seaweed piece around and secure it onto the toro with black embroidery floss.


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