Thursday, 17 February 2011

Owl Egg Cozy


- Yarn
- Crochet Hook
- Sewing Needles
- Buttons


To learn how to Crochet:
Using white yarn (or the colour you want your cozy to be) Chain 2, then 5 Single Crochet into the first chain from hook. You now have a ring.

For the second row, crochet 2 Single Crochet in each Single Crochet around. Makes 10 stitches.

Then, Single Crochet (SC) 1 and then 2 Single Crochets into the next stitch. Repeat 5 times, – makes 15 stitches!

Now, SC 15!

For the 5th row, SC 2, 2 SC in next SC – makes 20 stitches. – You’re almost done!

Now, SC 20 until your cozy is big and wide enough to cover your egg!

Then, add some buttons as eyes and use orange or yellow yarn to sew a beak to the cutie!


CH 2, 3 SC on second CH from hook.

2 SC in each SC around (= 6 stitches)

SC 6 for two rows or more!

Sew the wings to the cozy.


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