Thursday, 10 February 2011

Scary Day Out in London W/ the Fam!

London, attraction-wise is known for its scary tours and gory attractions especially the London Dungeons. I've been there quite a few times with friends and it was good but not really that scary...

Anywho, my cousins Ryan and Ciaren; and my Aunt - I call her Fee :) decided to have a scary day out in London like the cool cats we are (the picture makes sense now - Right?).

Now if you've never been to The dungeons you will not know about the ridiculous queue that leads all the way from the underground to the ticket counter. Then, once you have a ticket you then queue again for ages to actually get in! Usually there is an hour wait and this was the case that day so just opposite we found The London Bridge Experience !
No queue and some scary midget wearing a wig gave us half price vouchers (Shweet!). BTW, I'm not kidding about the scary midget dude.. 
Thats him cutting Ryan's head off.. SEE!

So that was pretty good but after we went to this awesome scary place opposite the London Eye which for the life of me and google I cannot remember or find the name of. It's like it just disapeared - I started trying to convince myself that maybe it never actually even happened but I do have a picture! So it must be real!
L-R: Ryan, Crazy Tour guide, Fee, Me, Ciaren

So it starts off by us being taken into this small room with security cameras in. We are told there is a quarantine situation where Zombies are running around trying to EAT YOU. At first you kinda just joke around but bare in mind this is the only attraction where the actors can actually touch you and grab you; None of this wishy-washy just shouting Boo! When you see the zombies approaching you have to barricade the doors but of course that wouldn't be much fun after about oh, 2 minutes so you go through the escape route.

You end up being taken through what seems to be an old hospital or mental clinic but its pretty dark and there were zombies after us so we were running and trying to 'save' our lives. It's pretty intense and lots of screams and laughter. Me? Well I was clinging on to Ryan pretty much the whole time - You know, the whole he's a guy, I'm a girl, it's his job to protect no matter how many years younger he may be. :)

It's so much fun and I really recommend it if you go to London. It may have just been a special Halloween* thing but it was Awesome!

* - Yes I know, I'm horrible. It has been that long and yes it has taken me this long to get this posted...
Ciaren and I

Overall, it was a really nice day out. I used to spend a lot of time with these guys when I lived down that way but now I'm up in Cambridge it's always a nice treat to go down there.

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