Thursday, 17 February 2011

Mini Bunny Sachet

The Bunny Troop

- Fabric or scraps (2¼” x 3″ – 2 pcs. for mini bunny, 4½ ” x 6″ – 2 pcs. for large bunny)
- Sachet filling ingredient – silica bead, activated charcoal, or scented potpourri etc.
- Ribbon, lace, yarn or cord
- Fusible web (for large bunny)
- Embroidery floss (for large bunny)


pdf pattern of bunny sachetDownload the bunny pattern in pdf format. Print it out onto Letter size paper. Don’t scale the printing if you wish to have the full size pattern.

Get the latest Acrobat pdf reader if you can’t download the pattern.

How to sew a sachetCut the paper pattern and trace it on the reverse side of your chosen fabric.

Mark a minimum 1″ opening on the side seam.

sewing sachetStart from one of the opening markings, sew alone the sewing line and end at another opening marking.
bunny sachet
Trim the seam allowance to 1/8″ for mini bunny, 3/8″ for large bunny.

Clip and notch at the curves on the seam.

Turning right side out
Insert the blunt tweezers from the opening and grab one of the ear.

Pull the ear out through the opening.

Repeat the same to the other ear. Use the tweezers to adjust the seam and smooth the curvature.

making mini bunny sachet
Turn the face and smooth all the curvatures. Press with warm iron to smooth crumples.

For large bunny, trace bunny’s face to the fusible web (paper side), cut out and iron the adhesive side to the wrong side of the face fabric. .

Peel off the paper from the fusible web. Embroidery the facial features.

Cut fabric. With adhesive side down, iron the face onto the large bunny.

Fill sachetRoll a piece of paper into cone, cut at the sharp point to make a funnel mouth. Insert the mouth into the opening. Fill the bunny with your chosen ingredient. For this instant, I filled it with silica beads.

You may omit the funnel if you are filling it with scented potpourri, use tweezers to fill it instead.

ladder stitch
Close the opening by sewing with slip or ladder stitch.

long ear bunny
Shake the bunny so that the ingredients fall to the bottom part..

Tie the ears together with sewing thread, adjust while you pull the thread to gather.

valentines bunny
Finally, tie your prefer ribbon or yarn to the thread.


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