Thursday, 9 September 2010

Halloween Jars


- Jars.
(Whatever you have lying around the house or find at the supermarket!)
- Witch Hat.
(You may find premade ones or you can make one from grey / black card).
- Green tissue paper.
- Mod podge / PVA Glue
- Sponge Applicator


Take and cut tissue paper to size, then mod podge / PVA the strips on the OUTSIDE OF GLASS. Lay your strips of tissue paper over the mod podge and then add more mod podge over the tissue paper. Next paint the hat with Acrylic paint (i used a charcoal color) then tear pieces of scrap paper in a Halloween theme, OF Course'!

MOD PODGE AWAY... draw a witch template and cut it out on black paper, then mod podge the face the on the jar too.

Glue hat to lid of jar, then glue black paper around the underneath of hat and cut strips from the black paper, for be-witching STRINGY LOOKING hair.

Here are the GHOSTS too!

When you are all done you drop your tea lights in them and let them "LIGHT UP" your walk ways or window panes. Nothing like a SPOOKTACULAR FLICKERING HALLOWEEN GLOW!

LASTLY, you can do jack O' lantern jars too with orange tissue paper, or the idea of MAKING MR. FRANK AS WELL!  HAPPY CRAFTING!


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