Monday, 6 September 2010

Giant Cookie Pizza


- Sugar Cookie Dough
- Pie Tin
- Cream Cheese Icing
- Red Food Colouring
- Icing Sugar
- Yellow Food Colouring


Bake the cookie dough at 375 degrees farenheit for about 12 minutes and keep checking so they come out pretty evenly cooked. When cooled, pop them out of the trays onto plates.
While they're still warm, push down the center to make it look a bit like a pizza base with a raised crust.

My first thought for tomato sauce was to use jam, but the only jam we had left was purple, so we used cream cheese icing with red food colouring instead.
The melted cheese was just water and powdered sugar mixed with a little yellow food colouring to make it look all melty when it was drizzled on.

If you do this, don't even momentarily entertain the notion that the kids might refrain from eating the icing while they are putting it on. I mean I couldn't resist tasting a bit either. I would have maybe used shredded coconut with yellow food colouring if my kids didn't both utterly hate coconut. Shame.

The toppings were quite fun to do. I cut circles out of a few fruit leathers for them to put on as peperoni and I coloured a handful of kettle corn from the farmer's market with brown food colouring to use as Italian sausage.
Here's the finished thing. Looks kinda freaky huh?

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