Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chapter One

Everything has to start somewhere. For us, it's at Chapter One. I hope I'm welcomed into this world of blogging as much as I want to be here.

Unfortunately, my last blog was deleted.. After a very anxious day followed by a couple of angry ones realising everything was lost forever; I've decided to build the foundations once more with my introduction and follow with some perhaps useless information on my life and hopefully some interesting bits and bobs from around me.

To start with, maybe two paragraphs late.. Hello! My name's Laura and I think I'm pretty normal...

I'm currently 19 and live in a lovely house in the country with my partner and two housemates. I'm interested in cooking, crafting, fashion, TV and films, celebrity gossip, biological science, environment and yes, blogging about it all.

I also read other blogs so feel free to comment with your blog name or follow me and I'll have a look at your blog too!

Thanks for stopping by,

Laura x

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